Map It Out: Using the 7-Step "KAIZEN YOU" Formula

"Map It Out" is a step-by-step guide for massage therapists offering a Holistic Roadmap to creating the life and massage practice you desire.

Lisa offers this book based on her own experience and practical knowledge gained over more than 20 years of industry experience. She's been there and done that! Whether you are new to massage therapy, or a seasoned professional, this book will launch you into a wonderful journey for those ready to be their own boss or CEO.

As you build your business, you are creating something uniquely yours, something that no one can take from you. Follow the steps, do the work and you'll see a difference as you move forward in creating your dream massage practice and ultimately your best life.

It’s time to MAP IT OUT!

Book Objectives:

  • Create a “Massagepreneur Mindset.”
  • Define a mission, vision, and goals for your practice.
  • Determine an infrastructure for your practice- (i.e.-policies, organization skills, time & project management, budgeting and business structure)
  • Discover best practices for marketing products and services to prospects & current clients.

BONUS: Get a good night's sleep, knowing you have a solid, yet practical plan in place for a successful massage practice and steady income.


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About Lisa 

Entrepreneur, mentor, business coach and speaker, Lisa Randolph is known for helping her clients take an idea or dream from a vision into a powerful manifestation of their goals leading to their purpose and community impact. A true heart-centered visionary, Lisa has a BA in Advertising & Marketing from The University of Oklahoma and has been an influencer in the massage and wellness profession healthcare industry for more than 20 years.

She is co-author The Massagepreneur “BPS” (Business Positioning System) Planner, formerly The Bodyworkers' Biz Planner which is a Day Planner/Organizer created specifically for Massage Therapists by a Massage Therapist. Lisa’s personal mission is “To empower others to recognize their true greatness by coaching them to achieve any goal, vision, or life dream they desire by applying The 4-P Principles of Passion, Prayer (faith), Planning, and Perseverance”.



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