The Updraft Podcast Sponsorships

Get in the flow of engaging women 45+ as they catch The Updraft and take flight in this powerful phase of their lives.

Did you know: 

  • Over 30 million women 50+ are the fastest-growing demographic online. (Source: DMN3)
  • They control 95% of household purchasing decisions (Source: Forbes)
  • 75% are willing to pay a little extra for both quality and convenience (Source: Forbes)
  • These women represent over $15 trillion dollars in purchasing power (Source: Forbes)

The Updraft podcast provides a great opportunity to reach these women and get your product or offering in front of them. They are too often an overlooked demographic but increasingly being recognized and supported.

Choose from three levels of sponsorship. 

Level one: Sponsor the entire podcast episode receiving both 30-second spots. You provide the copy and we showcase your company/business/organization. One ad is placed at the beginning and the other at the end of the podcast. You get the first and last word. You may choose to have your copy repeated or compose two versions of copy, one for each spot. 

Level two: Sponsor the opening ad only, a 30-second spot that appears at the beginning of the podcast, you get showcased at the very start.

Level three: Sponsor the closing ad only, a 30-second spot that appears at the closing of the podcast, you get the last word. 

We ask that you provide your sponsorship ad copy within 10 days of choosing your sponsorship level. 

What you'll get:

  • access to women in this demographic who are aiming for a new and liberating phase of life
  • sponsorship for as single podcast episode at your selected level
  • additionally highlighted as a sponsor in the blog post along with links to your company/business
  • Emphasized in the show notes with a link to your company /business
  • Amplified in social media posts about the podcast episode e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Join us as we engage incredible women listeners representing more than $15 trillion dollars in purchasing power. 

Preview an episode of The Updraft here or wherever you get your podcasts.


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