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Our mission is “To continuously enhance people and the planet through business.”
Any company under the Kaizen Endeavors umbrella helps people with personal growth, business growth, facilitates health and wellness of individuals, provides a calm environment for individuals, and provides a more sustainable and clean planet. Here at Kaizen Endeavors, it's all about "YOU" so welcome to our site and family!

YOUR Kaizen Coach

Whether you're already an established entrepreneur, currently aspiring to become your own boss, or still working for someone else, but see entrepreneurship as your “next phase” ...  we have you covered.

YOUR Online Business "YOUniversity"

Whether you're thinking about starting a business or already started and struggling to work it all through, our online courses will guide you and help you gain clarity as you map out the various aspects of your business. We're confident we can help you. 

YOUR Positive Products

What products and practices keep you (and your connections) upbeat and resilient day in and day out? We offer a variety of gifts, apparel, cards and candles to help you (and those you love) be your best everyday.

YOUR Wellness Products

You are your greatest asset. We believe you're at your best and able to thrive in the world when you take care of YOU from the inside out. We can help you with that!

Improving YOUR Planet

There's a million ways you can contribute to making the earth cleaner, safe, and more beautiful. You can be earth friendly and run a prosperous business.

Books by Lisa

Lisa has written about her journey from corporate professional to CEO. She has trained and coached many on their journey to the entrepreneurial life.

"“You can’t help but be successful, when you follow Lisa’s Strategies for attracting and keeping clients.”"

M.S. | LMT

"“Lisa is very good at seeing the blind spots of your weakness and getting those areas of your business worked with or delegated. I recommend her as your coach and will continue to have her as a coach for me because I am jumping leaps and bounds since I have had her help me get to point A to point B”."

B. L., BA, LMT
Owner Infinity Aroma Touch

"“Lisa is an excellent role model of entrepreneurship. Meeting her has impacted my life for success.” "

Self-Employed LMT

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At Kaizen Endeavors, we aim to keep you to up-to-date on news and views about businesses and products that endlessly enhance our lives and our planet.


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