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Map It Out!

This book is a step-by-step guide specifically written for massage therapists. With 20 years as a massagepreneur herself, Lisa Randolph has bundled together learnings along her path to offer you a Holistic Roadmap to creating a life and massage practice you'll love.

Whether you are new to massage therapy, or a seasoned professional, this book will launch you into a wonderful journey for those ready to be their own boss or CEO. Follow the steps and do the work and you'll see a difference as you move forward in creating your dream massage practice and ultimately your best life.

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Be the Answer Now:
Realizing and Monetizing the Way You Were Meant to Serve the World

Be the Answer Now is the prequel to "Map It Out". In this book, Lisa shares her journey of how she overcame feeling unfulfilled in a career she had always dreamed of to pursue a passion inspired by her grandmother.

By cutting her safety net of a managerial position in the hotel industry, Lisa found her purpose as an entrepreneur in the massage therapy industry, and as a business coach to other individuals who desired to embark upon being their own boss, CEO and entrepreneur.

This book is a powerful compilation of how 8 Fierce Women, including Lisa, decided to step into their purpose as entrepreneurs.

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Lisa M. Randolph

Lisa M. Randolph co-authored the Amazon best seller, “Be The Answer Now” with 7 other dynamic women entrepreneurs. She is a mentor, a business coach and a business development leader to entrepreneurs and massage therapists who are ready to grow and launch their own practice or business. She has helped her many clients to manifest an idea or a dream in the most efficient, strategic, and effective manner possible. Lisa’s personal mission is “To empower others to recognize their true greatness by coaching them to achieve any goal, vision, life or dream they desire by applying The 4-P Principle of: Passion, Prayer, Planning, and Perseverance.”

She is the CEO and Founder of “Your Kaizen Coach” which provides business coaching, and other business growth services and solutions for massage therapists, new and established Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses with 500 employees or less. Lisa also co-authored the day planner/organizer, The Massagepreneur “BPS” (Business Positioning System), which was created specifically for massage therapists.

"Your Kaizen Coach" is a part of The Kaizen Endeavors, Inc. Family of Companies.

"“You can’t help but be successful, when you follow Lisa’s Strategies for attracting and keeping clients.” | M. S., LMT"

M. S., LMT

"“Your class has enlightened me to business prospects and avenues I never knew were there. Thank you.” | C.D., LMT (Dallas, TX)"


"“Lisa is very good at seeing the blind spots of your weakness and getting those areas of your business worked with or delegated. I recommend her as your coach and will continue to have her as a coach for me because I am jumping leaps and bounds since I have had her help me get to point A to point B” "

B.L., BA LMT, Owner Infinity Aroma Touch

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