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Kaizen Renewable Energy is a Dallas-based company established in June of 2009. We are a minority/woman-owned renewable energy consulting and green environment-coaching firm. We believe in educating and empowering you to sustain your environment and the planet by utilizing natural energy sources. We have a variety of solutions because we believe one technology is not the answer for every client. By having many solutions from many manufacturers we can help you determine what's right for you. We offer:

* Comprehensive energy efficiency assessments
* Eco-Fundraising programs for schools and organizations 
* Solar solutions (solar panels, solar thermal)
* Wind turbines (horizontal and vertical)
* Energy efficient lighting
* Eco-Friendly products for restaurants
* Geothermal solutions
* Landfill solutions
* Assistance with RECs (buying and selling)
* Assistance with securing financing on some projects
* Green Energy plans (Texas, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Markets)

To get started, consider The Energy Detective, to help you understand your electrical usage. This time-tested, value-tested, comprehensive, user-friendly energy monitoring system perfect for residential and commercial use. 

Contact us at 877.462.1798 ext. 5 or email us at [email protected] to learn how we can help you utilize renewable energy sources. 

Meet our Green Team

Green Our Communities Fundraising Program

Choose a school fundraiser that supports your youth, while making your home & community more sustainable and Eco-friendly. Join the "Green Our Communities" fundraising program today! 


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At Kaizen Energy Renewables, we aim to keep you to up-to-date on renewable energy options for creating a sustainable future.


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