Exploring Menopause

Introducing The Updraft, a podcast for women age 45+ who are experiencing life from a whole new perspective and could use a little lift for managing it all. 

Hi, I'm your host, Lisa Randolph. This is our inaugural episode focused on the single most eventful and least talked about topic we face: Menopause.

Our guest is Rochelle Weitzner with Pause Well Aging (www.pausewellaging.com). Rochelle tells her story about how she came to be creating products for women experiencing the changes that happen as we enter menopause. She discusses the three stages of menopause, surgical menopause,  IVF and chemo menopause, the many symptoms of menopause and what we can do about it -- beginning with dropping the taboo and simply talking about it. We hope you enjoy this first episode with many more to come.


0:00Introduction to the episode

2:10 Introduce Rochelle

3:45 The story of Pause Well Aging

8:05 Three stages of Menopause

11:10 IVF, cancer treatment, and menopause

12:00 Menopause symptoms

12:45 How your skin changes during menopause

13:40 Formulating products

15:10 Products and ingredients

20:30 Other Pause Well Aging products

27:15 Other things we can do

36:25 How Rochelle "catches the updraft" in her life

37:45 Closing: Where to find Pause Well Aging


Products are also available on Amazon

Instagram @pausewellaging

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