Speaker Spotlight: Jill Allison Bryan

Magical Moments and Meaning In Minutes A Day

Have your own dreams and desires slipped to the bottom of your to-do list as you manage work, home, and community responsibilities? Do you want to reclaim your unique sense of identity and weave joy and satisfaction into your busy life one delightfully doable step at a time?

In this enlightening presentation, master creative life coach, Jill Allison Bryan sheds light on the positive ripple effects of giving yourself permission to explore creative projects, passions, and pursuits that energize and delight you. You’ll also take away a simple, yet powerful technique that will help you:

Create major transformations, magical moments and deep meaning in your life in only minutes a day,

Enjoy a creatively fun and fulfilling life even if you don't consider yourself to be creative,

Effect positive ripples throughout all aspect of your life by asking what do I want and need at this time in my life, and

Give yourself permission to reclaim your authentic self.

Jill Allison Bryan is a life coach, a master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and founder of Creative Oasis Coaching.

Jill can be found online at Creative Oasis Coaching and on Facebook.  

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