Speaker Spotlight: Leslie Wilson

What speaks to you about money? Is it making it? Keeping it? Saving for the future? Is it fear of not having enough in a crisis? Your preconceived subconscious financial thoughts can either attract or repel money!

As women, we typically want the peace of mind and security that comes with a nest egg yet often we live in fear of lack. In this workshop, Women in Money, Leslie Wilson, will show you how to tackle the subconscious thoughts that can sabotage your financial future. She will teach you how to set the foundation of your financial portfolio to serve you whether you suffer a major illness, die too soon or live a long full life!

• Learn to protect your household financially.

• Be aware of what you attract, or repel, when you think about money.

• Understand how to build a practical foundation for financial success.

Senior VP at Women in Money, Leslie Wilson’s objective is to give you tools to have at your disposal to win the money game because like it or not, we’re all playing it! Let's play to win!

Leslie can be found her website and on Facebook.  


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