Speaker Spotlight: Lori Darley

Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader

Building on her own transformation from staring down the barrel of a rifle at Checkpoint Charlie to internationally-recognized dancer to executive leadership coach, and armed with her characteristic humor and wit, Lori Darley’s presentation invites you onto the road towards your most brilliant self. Working through seemingly insurmountable blocks in her own life, Lori arrived at the set of practices she works with today:

Overcome your own personal obstacles to get where you want to be,

Expand awareness to become a Conscious Leader, and

As a Conscious Leader, maximize your impact on the world.

As founder and CEO of Conscious Leaders LLC, Lori Darley brings nearly two decades of experience as a transformational coach and consultant to the conscious business movement.

Lori can be found online at her website on Facebook.  and Instagram


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