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Episode 14
Blindsided by Hormonal Changes: How Our Food Choices Affect Us as Women Age 45+
Rhonda Sweet

Welcome to the Updraft, a podcast by women 45+ and for women 45+.  Lisa Randolph is your host. The Updraft, and like the Take Flight Summit, this podcast focuses on the needs and aspirations of women 45+, especially in the areas of Health, Wellness & Self-Care, Career & Entrepreneurship, Financial & Legal, and Relationships & Legacy. In this episode, Rhonda Sweet, Chef and entrepreneur is on tap to discuss hormonal changes and our the food we eat affects us as we age. 
Time Stamp
3:53 About Rhonda
9:25 What foods do you think we should incorporate into our selections?
10:55 What foods should we avoid or consume less of?
15:27 A shift of mind. What did you do?
17:08 Eating for your blood type.
29:07 How do we get good protein if we don't eat meat? 
45:10 Menus and alternatives to some of the foods we love: a. What are a couple of dishes you know we love, that as we address our hormonal changes aren’t as good for us? What alternatives do you recommend for those dishes?
56:00 What's next for Rhonda e.g., workshops, services etc. 
59:00 You can connect with Rhonda Sweet by email at [email protected]     
Follow Rhonda on Instagram at Chef R Sweet          
And on Facebook look for Rhonda Sweet and/or Sweet Moses Brands
1:00:35 How Rhonda plans to "catch the updraft"

Episode 13: Are You Adequately Covered?

Insurance We Should Invest In as Women 45+

Episode 13
Are You Adequately Covered?
Ruby Shoals

Welcome to the Updraft, a podcast by women 45+ and for women 45+.  Lisa Randolph is your host. The Updraft, and like the Take Flight Summit, this podcast focuses on the needs and aspirations of women 45+, especially in the areas of Health, Wellness & Self-Care, Career & Entrepreneurship, Financial & Legal, and Relationships & Legacy.

Our guest today is Ruby Shoals. Ruby is a Financial Professional, insurance agent & entrepreneur. She is a Certified Long Term Care Specialist. Her portfolio of services empowers families & business owners. Her mission is to empower people to live well, build wealth and leave a legacy. Ruby’s portfolio includes Living Benefits Life, Long Term Care, Final Expense, Whole Life and Medicare Supplements.


0:00 Opening Introductions 

2:45 About Ruby

6:15 What is a Long-Term Care Specialist and why did you choose that path?

10:40  What insurance is important for a woman 45+?

26:30 Some of our sisters are in their 6th decade. What do we need to know about Medicare?

39:25 What's next for Ruby Shoals?

50:20 Connecting with Ruby. or text her at 903-244-1537

53:05 How Ruby is planning to "catch the updraft". 


Episode 12
One Foot In & One Foot Out: Pursuing Your Dream Business While in Corporate America

Welcome to the Updraft, a podcast by women 45+ and for women 45+. Lisa Randolph is your host. The Updraft, and like the Take Flight Summit, this podcast focuses on the needs and aspirations of women 45+, especially in the areas of Health, Wellness & Self-Care, Career & Entrepreneurship, Financial & Legal, and Relationships & Legacy. 

Our guest today is Missy Burton, the Co-Founder of Msanii HOUS Fine Art, and an award-winning photographer who creates expressive imagery that consistently explores the effects of social influences on human rights.  Her work is in the permanent collection of the African American Museum of Dallas and multiple private collections across the USA.  She is a native of Tulsa, OK, and currently lives and works in Dallas, TX.  Burton is passionate about mentoring emerging artists and currently serves as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  She is represented by Framed Gallery in Cleveland, OH, and Msanii HOUS Fine Art in Dallas, TX.  You can see more of Missy’s work at


0:00 Welcome

2:09 Meet Missy Burton

3:05 Her Journey

11:18 Dipping your toes in entrepreneurship, why do it?

16:42 The balance between working in the corporate world AND playing in the Entrepreneur space

20:15 Advice for women who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.

23:45 Talking Mindset Shift! Being an employee AND a boss

32:01 Navigating a whole new landscape: Covid-19.

44:30 Two pieces of advice when launching a business during Covid-19

51:57 What's next for Missy?

58:52 How to contact Missy

101:23 How is MIssy planning to "Catch the Updraft"?

Where to find out more about Missy Burton

Msaniihouse Art Gallery at

Episode 11
Dilemmas Facing Aging LGBT Women

Welcome to the Updraft, a podcast by women 45+ and for women 45+. Lisa Randolph is your host. The Updraft, and like the Take Flight Summit, this podcast focuses on the needs and aspirations of women 45+, especially in the areas of Health, Wellness & Self-Care, Career & Entrepreneurship, Financial & Legal, and Relationships & Legacy. 

Today's guest is Ms. Carolyn Roney. Carolyn is recently retired from Legend Senior Living where she worked as the Assistant Director at Rosewood Assisted Living and Memory Care. This work is her “what do you want to do when you grow up” adventure. Prior to this she worked at several companies in Human Resources and left that field as the VP, Human Resources at Staff One. She is an Extra Mile Award winner and was recognized for her volunteer work on the Board of Oak Lawn Community Services and Chair of Lifewalk for two years. She also served on the Black Tie Dinner (BTD) Board as Chair of Board Governance and Secretary and BTD Advisory Board.

Show Notes/Timestamp

0:00 Introduction 

3:55 Guest Carolyn Roney

4:49 Carolyn's Journey

9:26 Helping women in the LGBT community as they age

10:20 LGBT factors and stigma as they age 

14:00 How can we welcome LGBT aging seniors? Moving beyond words to actions. 

15:00 What do aging LGBT Seniors want? 

20:00 A few important things

27:30 Learning more and joining the initiative

29:40 Providing educational opportunities to break social isolation 

35:00 How to connect with Carolyn and The Coalition for Aging LGBT?

36:45 What Carolyn is doing to Catch the Updraft? 

38:37 Closing gratitude and more information 

You can connect with the Coalition and Carolyn by email at [email protected] 

The website is



Episode 10
Practicing the Art of Mindful Aging
Dr. Andrea Brandt

Hi, I'm Lisa Randolph your host for The Updraft. This podcast is for women age 45 and over. 

Welcome to the 10th episode of The Updraft, a podcast by women age 45+ for women age 45+. 

Today's guest is Andrea Brandt, Ph.D., MFT. She has over 35 years of clinical experience as a renowned psychotherapist, speaker, and author. In her work, Dr. Brandt reveals positive paths to emotional health that teach you how to reinvent and empower yourself. She emphasizes the mind-body-heart connection as a key to mental, physical, and emotional wellness. She is a featured media expert and has appeared on numerous television programs, radio shows, and podcasts. She is a contributor to Psychology Today and has written blog posts for The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Psych Central, and more. Dr. Brandt is the author of 8 Keys to Eliminating Passive-Aggressiveness and Mindful Anger: A Pathway to Emotional Freedom.

Show Notes/Timestamp

0:00 Opening

1:45 Introduce Dr. Brandt

2:00 Her Story

5:40 Stereotype of Aging: Over the Hill or On Top of the Mountain 

6:50 Mindful Aging > Focus on the benefits of Aging 

7:50 Mindful Aging > What does it mean? 

9:35 The Best Gift of Aging

10:25 How we let our relationships affect us as we age

13:00 How do we put ourselves first without feeling guilty? 

14;30 Accept Yourself 

15:30 Is it ever too late? 

18:08 Keep Learning 

19:24 How to Practice Mindful Aging

20:07 The body never lies

21:05 The breath

22:50 Making Changes 

25:50 Practice being mindful > Riding out the habitual turbulence > Remove "I'm too old" from your vocabulary > Learn-travel-social

26:30 The worst thing you can do

27:03 Mindfulness gets us in touch with our inner world

27:51 What's next for Dr. Brandt? 

29:38 Connect with Dr. Brandt [email protected] 

Books by Dr. Brandt


Episode 9
Money Mindset: How to Attract instead of Repel Money
Leslie Wilson

Hi, I'm Lisa Randolph your host for The Updraft. This podcast is for women age 45 and over. Our guest is Leslie Wilson, and she's here today to share with us tips, strategies and methods for how we can manage our money best as we age. 

Meet today's guest, Leslie Wilson. Her role in the business world is to help people, especially women, with money. Whether it be with changing our words and thought patterns to attract it rather than repel it or, the practical application of saving and planning for the future. Her gift is to give you tools to have at your disposal to win the money game because like it or not, we're all playing it! So why not play to win!


1:03 Introduce topic and guest, Leslie Wilson

3:40 Leslie's journey

10:40 "Dissatisfaction is a creative state". 

11:30 Mindshift

12:20 Abundance 

14:38 The Goldfish

15:23 Categories of Listeners 45+

16:40 The Formula & Life Phases 

18:17 What can married women do if their spouse manages the money?

20:30 Did you know 63% of retirement dollars are in the hands of women? 

20:55 Women working with women about money

23:00 How to approach your spouse about finances?

24:21 Should women have their own money? 

25:50 The fear of money in the land of divorce or widowhood? 

28:02 Key areas of focus > Protecting your money (indexed accounts)

29:52 Single women 

31:50 Money lessons from network marketing

33:30 Other tools Leslie Recommends (her shortlist of key reads)

36:55 Symbols versus fruits of abundance

38:07 Importance of giving 

40:30 Where to find Leslie

43:45 Leslie tells how she's "catching the updraft"


You can find Leslie at; 

[email protected]


Episode 8
How to Remain Relevant in the Workforce as a Woman Age 45+

In this episode, you'll meet Nickquolette Barrett. She is a Chief Career Development Strategist with expertise and certifications in résumé writing, interview prep, career development & strategy, and LinkedIn branding. She is a dynamic speaker who uses a fresh perspective that is unique and real with a side of humor and sensitivity. Her ability to weave her contagious enthusiasm and energy into every presentation is refreshing to the world of career development. 

If you are a woman age 45+ and concerned about remaining relevant in the workforce, aiming for a new job or career change, or thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, Nickquolette brings her wisdom, experience, and generous spirit to this podcast episode.  Get your pen and paper ready, she offers a lot of great tips, ideas, and top-shelf wisdom. 
1:15 Introducing Nickquolette
2:35 Nickquolette's Journey
6:30 The Mindshift you simply must make to be successful 
7:15 Learning to talk about yourself
8:40 Learning to negotiate, value your worth
9:50 The one word to dump, now!
10:15 Women and Ageism 
13:15 Remaining relevant
14:50 Don't wait to be phased out, take action early
16:00 Key questions and actions 
17:00 Getting back into the workforce
18:00 Entrepreneurs or aiming to become one 
21:10 Dump this phrase now 
22:35 Tips for applying for jobs online 
29:45 What is ATS, ASCII?
31:00 Online platforms for job searches
40:05 What about recruiters?
40:45 Meetups? 
43:35 The Place to tell Your Story
44:05 What Nickquolette is working on.
47:25 How Nickquolette is "Catching the Updraft" 
Learn more about Nickquolette at: and be sure to subscribe to her email list and get a free download. 
She's also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Or you can email her at [email protected] 


Episode 7
Functional Medicine 
Shelley Thomas

Welcome to the 7th episode of The Updraft with my long time friend and guest Shelley Thomas. Shelley is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with certifications and advanced training in Autoimmune Disease, Mind Body Medicine, Alzheimer's disease, Ayurveda, and medical cannabis. She is the Founder of My Healthcare Partner, LLC, a Lifestyle Medicine Coaching organization comprised of Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches with diverse expertise in areas including nursing, nutrition, diabetes care, mind body medicine, autoimmune disease and environmental toxicities.  She is also a contributing author to Holistic Healing and Surrender, soon to be released. A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma and mother of one son, she's active in Jack and Jill of America and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Show Notes/Timestamp

2:00 Introducing Shelley

2:35 What’s functional medicine?

4:40 Her Story: Norplant

8:25 Her 2nd Chronic Illness (adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism)

9:40 How is functional medicine different?

13:00 Back to the real basics: the functional medicine matrix

18:50 Body Burden/Toxic Load & SAD (Standard American Diet)

20:50 Clean 15, the Dirty Dozen and Leaky Gut

22:52 Shelley’s Turning Point

24:28 Finding help for personalized medicine

26:40 Getting Started

29:13 The Balanced Gut

32:11 About Functional Medicine Providers

36:33 Five Lifestyle Contributors

44:12 The one thing doesn’t work

45:30 Mind Body Medicine and Trauma

46:40 Three Starters

Links to Resources

The Institute for Functional Medicine

The Dirty Dozen

The Clean Fifteen

Episode 6
How to Remain Fit & Fabulous After Age 45
Charron Smith

Join me, Lisa Randolph, in a conversation with fitness Charron Smith. Charron is a proud native of El Reno, Oklahoma who recently relocated to the DFW area, and a passionate educator with over 18 years of experience. She is an avid traveler and has visited more than 13 different countries, including Abu Dhabi, UAE where she lived and worked as a teacher for 3.5 years. Charron is also a certified personal trainer and hip-hop step X-treme instructor. She currently works at Nicholas Junior High in Arlington ISD. She is the proud mother of 2 grown sons, Kyron and Jalen. Watch for Charron's new book coming out this fall. 


0:00 Introduction, Lisa Randolph

3:00 Charron's Story

6:10 Fitness as a Community

9:20 Fit4U

10:30 meal Planning & Exercise

12:25 4 Components of Fit4U

14:40 Putting together a fitness regiment

20:00 Work out choices after 40 

26:20 Create Healthy Habits

27:00 Body & Mental Health

28:00 Different types of exercise as we age

31:00 Breaking the "bulking up" myth

39:30 How many times a week should we work out? For how long? (Workout vs being active)

45:00 Do we need a personal trainer or coach? 

50:00 Tips for developing a steady regiment, when you're really busy. 

55:00 Eating, health, and fitness (Healthy nutrition habits)

1:01:00 Take-a-ways

1:04:00 What's next?

1:08:00 How Charron plans to Catch the Updraft! 

YouTube Channel - Charron's Fit4U

Instagram channel


Episode 5
When Communications Matter!
Lauren Midgley

Join me, Lisa Randolph, as I talk with Lauren Midgley, President of LM Consulting Group and star business strategist, bestselling author, and professional speaker.   After spending 17 years helping a franchise company become successful, Lauren began her consulting company where she helps entrepreneurs get laser-focused on what matters most in their business: leadership, vision, and strategies to grow profitably. Our ability to communicate makes all the difference in business and in our personal and family relationships. Lauren offers insights and strategies that work for you and the other person too.


0:00 Welcome to The Updraft
2:00 Meet Lauren
2:36 Communications. Why? How?
5:03 Universal lessons and strategies
5:25 Who’s in your Inner Circle?
11:28 Communications Challenges
17:40 The Second Circle
19:15 The Outer Circle
20:15 How do we nurture each circle?
27:30 Procrastination in Communications
30:45 Strategies
37:42 Boundaries and Time
44:22 Outcome and Intentions
45:30 Demanding people and saying yes (or no!)
48:15 Closing words
49:07 Where to Find Lauren? or
51:00 What do you plan to do to catch the updraft?

Remember to join us for Take Flight Summit events from Mini-summits to Meetups and Bookstore to our Annual Take Flight Summit by and for women age 45+.

Hint: You can find a link to Lauren's Book in the Take Flight Bookstore!

Episode 4
Caring for Aging Parents:
It Takes a Village
Deidra Kindred

The Updraft is designed for women age 45+ by women age 45+. We talk about our unique opportunities, frustrations, challenges, triumphs, and wisdom that comes with aging. Some of the topic areas include Health, Wellness, and Self-care | Relationships | Career and Entrepreneurship | Financial and Legal | Leaving A Legacy. We take a deep dive into each of these areas with our amazing guests. 

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Updraft, focused on caring for and becoming a parent to your parents with Deidra Kindred. She is a registered Nurse specializing in Cardiovascular Intensive Care, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Owner of Affordable Assisted Living & Services, CPR instructor, Faith Community Nurse and now owner of Your Nurse Advocates.


1:30 Introducing Deidra Kindred 

2:45 Deidra's Story

5:30 When is Google not your friend?

7:45 Siblings Working together and self-care 

11:00 The only child as the sole caregiver

13:20 Hospice help 

15:10 Respite care services and advocacy 

16:15 What to look for when seeking assistance 

20:15 Proactive actions and long term care insurance 

24:40 Recommended resources and events 

27:00 Finding help when you need it 

31:15 Adult daycare 

33:15 Get an assessment 

35:15 What is a Nurse Advocate?

39:30 What does a Nurse Advocate do? 

42:35 First stop to find what you need (

45:30 How to find Deidra or or call for a free 30-minute consultation 817-854-3240 

46:30 What's next you, Deidra? 

48:00 How do you plan on "catching the updraft"? 

Resource Links:

Your Nurse Advocates 
Texas Health and Human Services 
Alzheimer’s Association 
Tarrant Area Gerontological Society 
Parkinson’s Support Group 
Guardianship Services Inc.  
Arthritis Foundation 
Meals on Wheels 
Cancer Care Services 
American Diabetes Association
American Diabetes Association
Youtube channel :Deidra Kindred RN, Your Nurse Advocate

Learn more about and subscribe to Take Flight Summit, an event and much more by and for women 45 and beyond focused on specific needs for this phase of life. 

Episode 3
Parenting Your Parents
Charlotte Canion

Welcome to the third episode of The Updraft, a podcast for women age 45 and over, looking at life from a whole different perspective than ever before. 

This episode is focused on parenting your parents with award-winning and renowned author Charlotte Canion.

Charlotte Canion is an Author, Speaker, Inventor, Texas SuperStar Specialist and Master Gardner. Through Skype interviews, she has become known around the world. She has been published through a variety of article, both national and international.

Charlotte has been recognized by the Spirited Women Magazine, Alzheimer’s Association, EWTN and KDKR radio, Timeless Family, Women of Worth, Hospice PLUS and many others.

Her book, YOU HAVE TO LAUGH TO KEEP FROM CRYING, is based on her own personal experiences assisting her parents with dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Inside, she shares anecdotes and advice to help other “parenting parents” build and reinforce happy memories by remembering to find humor during an otherwise arduous and often overwhelming end-of-life journey.



1:10 Introduction to episode 

1:50 Introducing Charlotte
3:10 Charlotte's Story
4:10 Denial happens
7:30 Taking Away the Keys
8:40 Triple diagnosis
9:10 Siblings to Share the Load
12:40 Access to important papers 14:20 Legacy and Destiny
16:20 4 Golden Rules
17:30 End of Life Treasures
18:25 Other illnesses & life histories 20:40 Fact 1
22:00 Fact 2
23:00 Alzheimer's is not necessarily hereditary: active living is key
26:20 There is no normal.
27:30 More about End of Life Treasures & a different kind of Time Capsule
29:00 Sharing Stories
30:00 Keep Talking with Them: The Power of "What if ..."
30:40 Charlotte's Book
33:00 Exercise Your Brain and 5 minute Brain Breaks
35:20 Create Your Treasures
37:25 Fact 3
38:00 Take Care of Yourself
39:10 A new book coming, The Guilt Syndrome
41:15 Why I wrote my book
44:30 How to get more stories from them
48:00 What else?
49:10 The Nine Hug Rule
50:40 Where to Find Charlotte online 53:05 Charlotte's Updraft Plan

You can learn more about Charlotte and her work on her website Parenting Your Parents and on Facebook

Episode 2
Dating after age 45
Amy Jones

Welcome to the second episode of The Updraft, a podcast for women age 45 and over, looking at life from a whole different perspective than ever before. 

Our guest today is Amy Jones. Amy is a personal growth visionary, author, and international speaker who lives and breathes one simple philosophy: live in the moment.  Amy's books include Better for Being Broken:  How to Put Yourself Back Together When Your World Has Been Shattered and Breakthrough, a collection of powerful stories from global authorities that guaranteed to equip anyone for real-life breakthroughs. You can learn more about Amy at and you can find her on Facebook.  

Amy speaks from the voice of experience in getting back into the dating scene after 45. The world isn't the same place as it was in our teens and the rules of the road are entirely different. Amy helps you navigate the scene and make good, intentional choices. She is about to embark on a year in Mexico so be sure and sign up on her website to follow her journey. 


2:30 Meet Amy
4:50 Thinking about dating again 
6:45 What did you discover when you first started dating again 
8:45 Online/Offline dating 
11:52 Date more than 1 person at a time 
12:28 What are the rules? 
16:28 Wants and Needs 
17:28 Know Your Dealbreakers
18:16 Outsourcing & managing expectations
21:00 Long-distance dating 
21:40 How to meet 
25:00 Dating yourself 
25:50 Use the etch-a-sketch
29:00 Structure Your Profile
36:12 Meeting Offline 
39:52 Meet Ups 
40:00 New direction for Amy 
42:20 Finding Amy 

Find out more about Amy Jones at and on Facebook 

Episode 1
Shining the Light on Menopause
Rochelle Weitzner

Hi, I'm Lisa Randolph your host for The Updraft and this is our inaugural episode is on the topic of Menopause. This podcast is for women age 45 and over. Our guest is Rochelle Weitzner with Pause Well Aging ( Rochelle tells her story about how she came to be creating products for women experiencing the changes that happen as we enter menopause. She discusses the three stages of menopause, surgical menopause,  IVF and chemo menopause, the many symptoms of menopause and what we can do about it -- beginning with dropping the taboo and simply talking about it. We hope you enjoy this first episode with many more to come.


0:00 Introduction to the episode
2:10 Introduce Rochelle
3:45 The story of Pause Well Aging
8:05 Three stages of Menopause
11:10 IVF, cancer treatment, and menopause
12:00 Menopause symptoms
12:45 How your skin changes during menopause
13:40 Formulating products
15:10 Products and ingredients
20:30 Other Pause Well Aging products
27:15 Other things we can do
36:25 How Rochelle "catches the updraft" in her life
37:45 Closing: Where to find Pause Well Aging

Products are also available on Amazon

Instagram @pausewellaging

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